Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy and Sound Healing

Ever wonder what exactly is Yoga Therapy?

It can be defined as a self-empowering process where the care seeker with the help of a yoga therapist implements a personalised and evolving enquiry into their own physical and mental state of well-being.

It is normal for emotional issues to manifest into physiological symptoms and vice versa. Therefore Yoga Therapy can address a vast array of issues from alleviating physical symptoms of neurological imbalances, digestive disorders, circulatory problems, sensory dysfunctions and blood pressure related illness to name a few. Yoga Therapy is also used as a healing process in the maintaining of optimum health and overall well-being to better manage the challenges of daily life.

Through a personalised Yoga Therapy practise one can increase self-confidence, promote attention and focus, address emotional instability, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, promote overall healthier lifestyle and quality of life as well as nourish and promote spiritual transformation. When practised long term it can address emotional issues, inherited trauma, transgenerational disease as well better manage energetic and spiritual inquiry.

Michelles Yoga Therapisy practice combines her yoga teaching experience to incorporate many modalities as a trained counsellor. Through utilising these skills on a holistic level, seeing the person as a whole to integrate all parts of the self, the aim is to embark on a journey with my clients to explore the multi-dimensional needs. In addressing the physical symptoms and then delving deeper into understanding the inner workings of the cognitive through processing and behaviours , the process can lead to uncovering the underlying issue.

Sessions are usually structured to include an initial consultation followed by a physical practise to include gentle asana – yoga  postures related to the area of inquiry. These postures align with the chakra system and are held for long periods of time to release energetic build-up and free the body parts of any pains and trauma. A follow up session moves into a debriefing of emotions, sensations, thoughts and triggers which may have arisen. The therapy process allows time for further exploration into the workings behind the new found insights which can lead to uncovering core issues. The follow up session is structured to be more in a typical counselling setting. I would usually recommend having a minimum of 3 to 4 sessions to provide sufficient time to address all elements of the Yoga Therapy process.

If any of this sounds as if it may be of benefit and useful to your own healing journey, please send me a message to arrange a consultation. I currently am offering a discount on sessions.

Yoga Therapy and to overcome trauma and work through the process of Loss and Grief

Michelle believes that combining the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga with psychology theories, provides an integrative approach allowing the release of emotional pain and suffering bound within the mind, body and soul.

Yoga therapy provides space for the client to develop personal insight and a deeper connection to themselves. This combined intuition moves clients beyond cognitive understanding alone to apply depth and scope to their underlying issues.

Yoga therapy incorporates positive psychology, mindfulness and CBT tools with intuition, delivered through restorative, non invasive, trauma sensitive  yoga practise provided in a safe and supported space. Yoga therapy will not only provide a physical release of stress and pain but will provide clients with opportunities to gain insight into ways of leading a more fulfilling and congruent life. Yoga therapy can assist clients examine and process trauma, loss and bereavement and can alleviate conditions that contribute toward anxiety, depression and a decline in overall wellbeing.

You can take advantage of Michelle’s Yoga Therapies in private individual sessions, a tailored yoga group or in combination with counselling.

Sound Healing Therapy

7 Benefits of sound healing

• activating the Limbic System signalling to the body to self-regulate, becoming become calm & more resilient to stresses
• activate the relaxation response, contributing to improving physical & emotional well-being
• reduces heart rate
• lowers blood pressure
• relaxes muscle of the body • promotes the natural release of endorphins- the feel good hormone
• increasing blood circulation to nourish & rejuvenation cells & organ.

New moon events held monthly. Learn about yin yoga and ways to harness the natural energies in our cosmos.

Join Michelle and Naomi Smith in a restorative yin yoga practice whilst being guided through a unique sonic soundscape on the cello. The practice will embrace new beginnings and awaken clear intentions for the future. The restorative poses and gentle healing sounds of the cello will submerge you deep into meditation enabling you to connect to your higher self. By silencing the thoughts of our past and future selves for a moment, this practice will release unwanted energies, bring healing and integration to the body, mind and spirit Class by donation between $10 – $20


Private group sound healing sessions are also available. Please contact directly for more information.

Yoga sessions

Gregson Park yoga on Mondays when weather is fine. All welcome. Gregson Park. Corner Lindsay St and Samdon St.

Byo yoga mat if you have.

Earthie studio – 1/5 Maitland Road. Mayfield. Mats and all props provided.